Thursday, 29 July 2010


Today the container was loaded with the bus and six pallets of kit, training gear, laptops, books, a kids bike a scooter and a partridge in a peartree (well maybe not the last one) Alex and Howard were there to lend a hand Neil Cole was there from Endermol to film the conatiner being loaded - So the journey begins the container if off the Felixstowe where it will be loaded aboard the ship bound for various ports but due to arrive in Freetown on 26th August - we, that is Tony, Alex, Howard, Sir Paul Lake, Neil Cole and me will be leaving on the early morning Heathrow shuttle on the 25th then out of Heathrow again heading for Freetown we should be at the hotel about 9pm on the same day - we then go to meet the boat the following day - heres hoping its on time (everything is crossed)

There is a very busy itinerary whilst we are there Armani has contacted the minister for sport and various media outlets that want the story - we will be going to various schools - we will attending at least two matches of MCFC SL - on the Saturday we will be handing out training gear and kit to the teams at our hotel - on the Sunday it will be the official handover of the bus outside the SL National stadium etc

Endermol will be filming the entire trip and you will be able to see and hear this on BBC radio Manchester and BBC North West - there may also be a video blog done for BBC NW

I have been asked not to release any photos of the bus just yet as we want it to be a suprise in SL but I will post a pic if possible on here soon of the container being loaded - there will be a big article including photos of the bus in the Liverpool match day programme

So its all go from here guys - I reackon we may add just a little water to the docks on the 26th - can't see there being a dry eye so to speak

Thanks again for all your support - and please remember we are still collecting

Thanks Phil

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